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6 Years
May 14, 2015
I am new to raising poultry and I have 5 BBB 3 1/2 week old turkeys, they are currently sharing a room with 27 4 1/2 week old chickens. They have been sharing the room for over a week now, and I have not had any problems with them not getting along. But today I noticed one of them had bloody feet and one of the back claws was bleeding. Is there anything I should do other than keeping an eye on it? It doesn't seem to be bothering it. And the bleeding seems to have stopped. Should I rinse it with something to clean it? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
I'd separate out this poult, for the time being. Really need to spend a while watching the rest of the bunch (could be either chook/turk doing the pecking) to see if you can identify any that are intent on beaking feet (if one or more can be ID'ed separate out those for a week or so - time to "forget" the tastiness of bloody feet).

Can apply Blu-Kote/betadine to affected areas of feet.

Also consider separating out all turks from chooks as BB poults can't always hold their own with chooks.

If turk is pecking own feet apply a mixture of pine tar/antibiotic ointment to feet (place small daub of pine tar in plastic pill (measuring) cup and microwave for 3-5 sec - until nearly liquid). Mix in antibiotic ointment thoroughly (about 50:50). "Paint" (smear) the solution on feet (can be done with fingers if wearing surg. gloves - pine tar is somewhat staining), should be very thin layer. The goal is to not only "treat" the already raw areas but to discourage poult's further pecking (pine tar has nasty taste). Also, provide poult with additional distractions - live meal worms will work.
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Thank you so much for replying! I spent some time with them after I noticed that, and everyone was getting along, no pecking from anyone. After it stopped bleeding I took a closer look and it looked like it was just that back claw that was bleeding and the rest of the blood came from that. I'm thinking that one of the other birds pecked at it when I gave them some strawberries just a few minutes earlier. I'm going to supervise treats from now on. I will definitely keep in mind your advice, thank you so much!

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