Bleeding Vent After Death


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I bought a leghorn chick from a breeder and had her Seperated from the rest of my flock and I gave her water and food and put a blanket over cage and I go out there this morning and she's dead and she was bleeding from her vent. What caused that? Should I buy from that breeder again? Was it a disease?


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Welcome to BYC!

So sorry about your bird. Is this a laying bird as it sounds like she had prolapse...she had a stuck egg and pushed so hard her insides came out. This issue can be hereditary or genetic. It can be caused by dehydration, or not enough calcium. I would be a bit cautious about getting any more birds from this breeder just in case this is something genetic or hereditary. But no, this is not a disease.

If you are talking about a small chick, this is probably a yolk sac infection or the yolk sac did not get full absorbed. Sometimes chicks hatch too soon, if the humidity was too high at hatch, sometimes they don't absorb the yolk properly. I don't think this is a breeder issue, but a hatching issue. Not a disease however.

So sorry for your loss.
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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Sorry about your Leghorn, TwoCrows gave you some suggestions of what the problem could be depending on her age.

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I would not get another chick from that breeder but, I would suggest you let her know what happened. It seems to me the chick would have been showing some signs of a problem even before she came to you.

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