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Jul 28, 2016
United Kingdom
Hey guys, really hope someone can help me with my 7 month old White Star.

Firstly she hasn't layed an egg since the weekend (so about 6 days now) and usually she lays every day so that itself is unusual.

I found her sat ontop of the coop yesterday evening which I thought was really strange, and when I tried to get her down I noticed her back end/vent area was a real mess. It looked quite matted and had blood dripping down her feathers etc
so I guessed she'd gone up there to get away from my other 4 chickens, who I presume had been pecking at her.

We brought her inside, bathed her and have kept her inside since.

My husband has tried to feel inside her vent but says he can't feel an egg.

Today we bathed her again and the vent itself looks fairly 'normal' now compared to last night but now there is blood actually coming out of the vent. Also with some white-looking poop. I don't think it is a prolapse as there isn't anything hanging out of the vent, and I'm not sure she is egg bound as unable to feel an egg in there?

I'm thinking 'vent gleet' but unsure where to turn. I wasn't sure whether to try the vets.

I plan to keep on bathing her but struggling to dry her properly afterwards. When should I return her to the coop with the other chickens? And will she just get pecked at once I return her?

Apologies for all the questions! I'm still fairly new to chicken keeping!


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Jan 28, 2013
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I don't know how to help you other than to say that she shouldn't be returned to the flock until there is no more bleeding because the other chickens will attack her and possibly even kill her.
My GUESS is she is eggbound and the egg broke. An epsom salt bath can't hurt. Also preparation H helps to reduce swelling in the vent. As for drying her, just towel her off as well as you can and keep her warm.

Hoping someone with more experience will step in with more advice.


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Welcome to BYC. I would give her daily Epsom salt soaks to her bottom, and put some plain bacitracin or neosporin ointment on her vent area. Place her in a crate or cage with food and water, and keep her with the other chickens, but protected until she heals. Look at your coop conditions, feed, and amount of space. Read a few articles below on feather picking and cannibalism, which may help, below:

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