Blindness and bleeding

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May 26, 2016
Can somebody PLEASE help me, her suffering is breaking my heart, she has been blind for a while, over a week, and I have had her separated from everybody else for about 4 or more days now. She is eating and drinking fine, not losing weight,I don't see her scratching at her eye, but her eyes do seem swollen and irritated. Nobody knew what it could be here locally (I live in Alaska)
She is 3 months old now. Please any suggestions on how I can help her, anything at this point.
Do both eyes look like this? It doesn't look like any eye problem I have seen in pictures, such as in Mareks disease or others. Various things can cause eye problems, such as high ammonia levels from droppings in a coop with poor ventilation, AE or avian encephalomyelitis, cataracts, vitamin A or E deficiency, eye infections, or Mareks. Does she have any other symptoms? I would wonder if she had a hemorrhage in her eye or suffered from an injury.

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