Blizzard warning


Sep 26, 2018
We are to have 3-9 inches of snow with blizzard conditions today. I have put extra straw and pine shavings in their house, covered part of run with tarp to block some wind and snow.. my concern is if it’s too bad they may decide to stay in their house. I used to have food and water in the house but they would make a huge mess with the water. So I took the water and food out a couple weeks ago now everything is nice and dry. Should I put it back in their house because of snow and wind? They will be able to be out for couple hours before it starts to get bad.
I have learned that putting food and water inside in winter makes for a nice nasty skating rink. :sick They'll come out if they get hungry. Just make sure they have fresh water too. You could also use a plastic container in their run close to their door placed on it's side to put food and that way if any snow blows inside it might help to keep it dry.
Yeah I figured that out too. That’s why it’s not in there anymore. I did put in container to block blowing snow but can’t put by their door. Their house has a ramp up to it. Hopefully they eat and drink enough before it gets too bad out then just go in and keep warm.
My ducks do fine in blizzard conditions. I make sure to fluff their straw and/or give extra/fresh in their house, and I do make sure I lock them in their house overnight when it's nasty. In the morning I let them out and they will always come outside to eat and drink. I will put food and water behind a wind block but do not put it in their house.

The chickens tend to have more issues with the bad weather and will stay in their house by choice much of the time and I will sometimes give them food/water inside if I get home at the end of the day and they haven't eaten much from the outside supply, but really only if the weather is to continue for multiple days and I know they aren't eating drinking much because they've been busy hiding. It's not often.

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