bloated back end. (Possible egg bound)

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  1. Blue Orpington with bloated back end, what is wrong with her?


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    My first guess would be egg bound. I had one that looked like that, but I didn't figure it out until it was too late. If it is, I read that you should keep her warm, or maybe try a warm bath. You can also try to lubricate the vent to help an egg pass.

    I have a three week old chick that is also very bloated like that, but because of it's age, it can't bee egg bound. I think in our case it is some sort of blockage - though she is still pooping.

    I hope yours gets better!
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    Egg bound was my first guess too, especially because in the video, her vent is pulsing, like she's trying to pass something. Jene gave you any advice I would have. For some reason, internal laying also popped into my head. Do a quick search on both, and see if either sounds plausable to you. Poor girl [​IMG] I hope things look up soon.
  4. I have her in a warm bath (45 minutes). I have tried to see if I can feel an egg. Her sides are too bloated to squeeze to feel anything. I can find only one path in her vent and I don’t think it is the egg path. She is so bloated it seem like she is going to pop.
  5. I think I have found the egg vent, but still can't feel an egg.
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    what happened? my buff has a bloated rear end too. did you find an egg?
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    My thought is that one egg will not make her abdomen bloat up that badly, Ive had many egg bound birds from chickens to peahens and you wouldnt be able to tell if they were not forcing or sickly looking. My guess she probably has Egg Peritonitis, or "Internal Laying", esp if it has been a while since she has layed. That is the only thing I have seen where the abdomen gets to be that swollen. Im sorry , but this is not something you can fix, if this is indeed what she has. But I wish you the best of luck, hopefully she will pull through!
  8. Well after 2 hours in the tub, 2 Tums and 24 hours later she finally laid an egg, the egg looked normal. Her back end still looks the same hours after the egg came out. I have not checked on her today, but I am planning on giving her 1 Tums a day until the bloat is gone, can a chicken get to much calcium from Tums?

    Since we have had her she has only laid 2 eggs first was the 8th next was the 14th.

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