Blocked prolapsed vent


Aug 1, 2018
Discovered one of my silkies with a severely prolapsed vent. It is blocked by what I can only describe as a white cork.

At first I thought it was stuck feces, but after a 30 minute soak, applying some oil, and gently attempting to help her pass it, only small bits in the middle passed. This left a mostly white and still pretty solid blockage. I gently tried to remove pieces, but they are very stuck to the walls of the cloaca and she bleeds when the rest is messed with.

There are no avian vets anywhere near me so I have to deal with this myself. Right now I am unsure what it is or how to proceed. For now she has been put in a dark box to discourage laying.

I have several thoughts as to what it may be from pus to scar tissue, to scabs from being pecked, to possibly neurotic tissue.

I don't want to put this chicken down unless it is the absolute last resort because it would break my little brother's heart to see his little pet chicken go. Please help!
Can you post a clear picture of her vent? She may be trying to pass an egg or egg membrane, or there could be some dried urate crystals stuck. The is something called lash egg material that can be passed. A prolapse can occur with or without egg binding.
She is resting and I have to make dinner, but I will get a picture in a little bit when I go soak her again.

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