blood in poop

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Apr 20, 2010
As I am cleaning my coop daily I notice in only a couple of the droppings there appears to be blood. What do I need to do? It is not all the stool and I have no idea which chicken it is coming from. Any advice?

They were vaccinated as chicks against several diseases. I guess it could just be the intestinal lining?? Very new at this so I am not sure. They all look and act very healthy and very normal. It is not a large amount of red blood. They are now 7 weeks old.
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We need more information. How many birds? What is the age? Have you added any new birds to the flock? How long have you had them and how long have they been "on the ground" at your place? Were they vaccinated for cocci as chicks? Are there any other symptoms (any birds not eating/drinking well, lethargic, looking ill, etc)? Give as much info as you can. You'll get better responses and advice.
sorry I did not give enough details. I just added in my first post while you were responding

Medicated as chicks
7 weeks old
17 chickens
been in coop and outside for 3 weeks
acting very healthy and very normal
not large amount of blood just a little
Given their age and how long they've been on the ground, I would treat for cocci. Sulmet and Corrid are the standard choices. Some BYC'ers prefer the Corrid (amprolium). It is important that you follow the dosage directions closely. I believe Corrid is a 5 day treatment. Only prepare enough medicated water that your birds can consume in one day. Don't put any ACV or vitamins in the water while you have them on medication.
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