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10 Years
Jun 16, 2009
We have 6 week old black sexlinks and today I notived blood on the top of her tail. Of course the others are pecking at it. Is there anything I can put on it such as neosporin, vaseline etc. Maybe something to help heal the spot and to deter the others from pecking at it. Thanks for any input.
We had this same problem with our white rocks at about the same age. About 3 out of the 12 had this. We got a little nervous, but just watched it. It was all gone by the next day.

I'm not sure that's the right approach, just thought I would mention it so if you take that approach you'll know at least one other person who had great results.
It is usually recommended to separate any chicken with a bleeding injury. They can quickly turn into cannibals and literally eat the bleeding chick alive.

A home remedy to put on a pecked spot is Vicks Vapo Rub -- worked fairly well for me. Blue Kote worked much better, though, about $6 at the feed store or TSC.
Thank you for the quick responses,It's been about 3 years since we had a flock and now I remember how helpful and addicting this site can be!! Looking for the Blue Kote at Tractor Supply if no go will go with the vicks. Thanks a bunch.
Blue Kote and No-Peck are both for this. They help to heal the picked spots and will discourage the others from further pecking. Just a heads up the no-peck will stain the feathers. Not a bad thing but everyone will ask why do they have purple on the feathers. It actually helps to identify similar looking chicks. Good Luck
PS. No i don't sererate them because that will only assure that they go to the bottom of the pecking order when they return. Just watch them closely for a couple of days.
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