Blood spots candled egg


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
I candled my caygua eggs this morning im down to 7 out of 15. Only 2 forsure are alive veined well moving. The third seems to be just a black mass in the middle of the egg no moving just sitting there suspended im leaving it a bit more but i think its just dead at this point. The others appear to have blood spots or smears im not sure what to call them. I just cracked a couple of them open all there was inside was a small blood spot or smear on the yolk? I will add they spent alot of time in mail got frozen etc they had a rough trip to me so even 2 is a blessing if they hatch of course. Im just wondering if the blood spots any chance there actually viable eggs or should i throw them out. And what causes these spots anyhow is it something im doing in incubator or is it from the freezing the rough handling before i got them or what is it i had alot it would seem with the blood spots.
Hmmmm? How long were they in the incubator prior to candling? If there was a mass in one of the eggs, would have been an embryo, or perhaps an addled egg. If you set the other eggs at the same time as the latter one, and it was in fact a developing embryo, then the rest should have been just as developed. Those blood spots just mean there was positive developement, which means they were fertile and started developing but died. Now, if there is a heart shaped thin red ring surrounding a tiny red spot with minute veins radiating all around in the center...then you should be able to see the fast pulsating heart beating, which would be in that tiny red spot if it was alive. You may need a magnifying glass to see the heart beating. But first, the duration of the incubation is important here.
Im at day 10 the 2 eggs that are good you can easily see veins and the 2 moving embryos. These are caygua ducks eggs btw so not overly easy to candle anyhow. The couple i broke open one of them had a blood spot in the middle of the yolk and the other a smear almost like a vein. The other is just a black dot like a embryo floating in the middle of egg but no sign of veins now but im almost positive there were some a couple days ago.

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