Bloody chick attacked by needed


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Feb 15, 2007
Austin area, Texas
One of my broody's new babies has been attacked by the adults. it now has several bloody spots, including a large one under the wing where skin might be missing. the chick is still active and peeping, and i've seperated momma and the other chick. How do I treat the wounded chick to keep the mom from hurting it? Should I cull? Please tell me to give it a chanc, i can't bear culling the baby. Whay can I put on the largerwound to seal it?

Please help!!!
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You'll need to keep the baby separated from the others until the wounds are healed. Make sure the chick is warm and give it some electrolytes or poultry vitamins or even a little sugar water to help avoid shock. For small wounds, plain Neosporin usually works. Larger wounds, well, it depends how big it is. Has all the bleeding stopped?
bleeding has stopped. I seperated it into a brooder which is now entirely purple wih wound coat, thechick is still alive, but managed to get soaking wet in the brooder, so i'm dring it off again. sorry I don't typewell with onehand.
Do you think it safe to put it back under mommy for the night? Mommy is in the garage with the other chick so she will be in full dark all night. There is only one other chick.

After all this, the chickie better be a girlie
I would definately keep "her" separate during daylight with warmth. You don't want the other chick to pick at her. I honestly don't know if chickens "smell blood", so I might just separate her altogether for awhile. Be sure the wounds are clean - clean 2 times a day - and apply a THIN layer of antibiotic ointment. Good luck.

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