Bloody eggs, over mating or first time laying?


6 Years
Mar 2, 2017
La Junta, CO
IMG_5040.JPG I walked through the run today and found a bloody egg on the ground in the middle of run. Looks about a day old compared to the one I found today in the coop in the nest. I feel sure it is either over mating or a first time layer. I have about 5 1-yr olds, 4 3-yr olds and 1 1-yr old roo. He hurt himself recently, but appears to have recovered. I wondered if maybe his mating was clumsy because the young hens are feather picked behind their combs. Could also be a first time later though considering one egg was out in the open. Thoughts and guesses?

Run is about 300 sq ft with supervised free range in the evening. Coop is 64 sq ft. 9 hens and 1 rooster.
Yep, first egg or two eggs can be bloody like that...if it continues, time to check things out. Might want to look anyway.
Mites can cause bloody eggs too. If a lot of your hens start having eggs like that, check fo r mites and treat with permectrin or spinosad...not DE

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