Bloody eggshells?

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    Our RIR started laying about 2 weeks ago and has been doing great but the last 2 eggs she's laid has had what looks like blood on one end of the eggs. Is this normal? We had a rooster but it was recently taken by a hawk. [​IMG] Before he was taken though he would try to breed with her, could that have something to do with the eggs looking bloody?
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    My ladies will get some blood on the eggs from time to time. I always assumed it was because the egg was a bit larger than the usual size for the pullet/hen. The skin can only stretch so much before it tears. My birds have never become ill/damaged from this.
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    this is normal, i know that i have recently gotten some eggs that have been really bloody but i didnt see any other problems and it stopped after a couple of days. just keep an eye on all of them and check their vents for any blood, she should be okay within a couple of days. if it doesnt stop after a while then you might have a problem but i wouldnt worry too much.

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