Bloody Poop. Please help.

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Sep 30, 2014
So my RIR hen let out some really bloody stool (Liquid basically) this morning. Shes acting sluggish, and doesn’t react to me trying to pick her up. She does feel lighter than I remembered. I tried offering her food and water but she wouldn’t take it.

Me and my dad gave her little pieces of cut garlic cloves and syringed her with antibiotics (water).

We have now separated her from the rest of the flock and left her with food and antibiotics. We will keep administering garlic and antibiotics during this time.

I’m not sure how she may have gotten sick? Because she seemed perfectly fine yesterday. But my mom said she may have eaten poison? Because sometimes the chickens slip inside our garage and eat our dogs food; and there is mouse poison tablets. But we tried removing as much as we could, but our garage is very compact and we placed the poison Years before we had our chickens.

Please if anyone has any clue what this disease is, please let me know, and also what else I can do to treat her. She’s very close to my heart and it would hurt to lose her.
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How old is she? Blood in poop sometimes means coccidiosis, a disease present in soil that chickens build up immunity to evntually. That also can cause sleepiness and weakness, and a poor appetite. Blood COULD be from eating rat poison, but it also could be from fatty liver disease or even cancer. Are all of her droppings bloody? Can you separate her in a dog crate with food and water? Tell us what her other droppings are like.

I would consider getting some Corid (amprollium) powder or liquid from your feed store, and atarting it in case of coccidiosis. Right now, I would offer water, and add electrolytes if you have some, and try to get her drinking by holding a small container to her beak, dipping her beak, or dripping some around her beak.
I am sorry that you lost her so suddenly. Would you be able to do a necropsy on her, or send her in to your state vet for a necropsy. If you can open her abdomen, you might be able to tell if she was egg bound, had a tumor, a lot of excess fat, or if her intestines are swollen and bluish, she may have had coccidiosis. We can learn a lot from doing necropsies, but I understand if you don’t want to do one.
Thank you for your condolences.
Unfortunately we have already buried her already. But I know out of respect for her I wouldn’t open her up, I had a strong attachment to her.
I’m going to believe it was the poison because of how quickly it occurred.

By the way, do all chickens shake as they die? (Like almost like a seizure)
They can have trembling and other signs such as twisted neck and stumbling when going through the throes of death. I would keep an eye on any others for bleeding.
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