bloody poop?

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Oct 7, 2009
i am a fairly new chicken momma. my birds have been sick since we introduced a few to the fair circuit about 1 month ago. quite certain it was CRD. treated with tetracycline in the water for 7 days. lost a number of birds. some bloody stools during this time but the past two days are terrible. not even sure its blood but i think so. i have attached pics. HELP PLEASE.


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CRD doesn't typically present with bloody poop - what are other symptoms, what is the breed of bird, age, etc.?
it started with a few birds just dying with no symptoms. thena alot of runny noses(beaks) some sneezing, alot of swollen eyes with bubbles, and some noise while breathing( raspy). tried saving a few in the house by hand feeding and antibiotic cream on eyes to stay moist. only two birds remain with any of these symptoms but now the bloody stools. also i have pics but have not figured out how to get them attached to a post. thanks
To me, the bloody stool looks like coccidiosis. Corid is the best to use, but it is expensive. Sulmet, Albon, and Acidified Copper Sulfate are less expensive.
These can be purchased from Randall Burkey Company, at I believe they advertise on this site. They have Aueromycin Sulmet. This will treat CRD symptoms and Coccidiosis at the same time. Also, you can check with First State Vet Supply. I know they advertise with this site.
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