Bloody Urine, HELP!


Apr 2, 2017
I have a potbelly pig that is approximately 3-4 months old, I was cleaning up the house and when I went to change her potty pad there is a large spot of bloody urine on it! I didn't notice 8t this morning bc its under our kitchen table (her favorite spot to pee in the night). The last few days I've been monitoring her bc shes had a runny nose and sneezing occassionally. She's not acting very normally today either and well the bloody urine explains it. I have no idea how to help her and I can't take her to our vet bc we had some very expensive unexpected expenses come up the other day. Any ideas on what I can do for her? I do have Duramycin 72-200 on hand, would this help her??


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I've never owned pigs, but here's a link to a discussion I found online, which may be useful if it's a bladder infection.

Also, I'm wondering--is she spayed? 12 weeks is about right...
No she's not spayed, I was hoping to breed her next Spring. I will check the link out and see if there's anyth8ng on there
She doesn't look to be cycling, she doesn't have a puffy vulva or bleeding. I can tell she doesn't feel well and her gums are pale, she was slow to eat this morning and has been more lethargic as the day goes on. She is usually very active and gobbles her food down, today she's been lying around and not wanting to do much of anything

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