Bloody yolk with what looks like embryo? But hen has never been in contact with rooster

Sassy Hen

Jul 3, 2021
Cracked two eggs for dinner, one is completely normal but the other is bloody on the inside. There is a dark spot, which, if I’m not heavily mistaken, is an embryo? The egg was laid by our 9 month old Black Copper Marans, Oreo. We do have a White Leghorn rooster. We have two coops, one for the younger ones, Oreo and her flock. The rooster has only ever come into contact with the other coop. In Oreo’s coop there is a broody hen that could have been sitting on it during a short, 3-day trip we had recently. But as there was no rooster involved, I’m confused.

Is there something else that I’m missing? A type of disease or something? Or is this normal?


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Is a broken blood vessel something I should be concerned about, or is it something that just happens occasionally?

As long as it doesn't happen regularly I wouldn't sweat it. Definitely not appetizing though! This is why it's best to crack eggs into cups for inspection before use, just so you don't ruin a batch of batter.
Have seen this on occasion through the years, usually in very hot weather with older hens.
That makes some sense. It's been really hot in the past few days, but the hen that laid this egg is still pretty young, though. Only about 9 months.

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