Irene Thompson

Jun 21, 2016
Hi everyone and thank you to anyone who has contributed to my chicken raising knowledge. I decided to raise chickens four months ago as I have retired and as I don't eat meat I love eggs and found the cost of true free range going up all the time so decided go into the egg producing industry for myself and family. So far so good. I have 12 chickens 8 are now laying so the eggs are coming thick and fast and keeping my family very happy. I also wanted chickens as I have three grandchildren under 5 and knew they would love the experience of helping care for them on the days Grandma babysits. This is also going well and the kids love the chickens and have already learnt about where their eggs come from and what chickens like to eat. Again thanks for the help which has ensured I have not made too many mistakes. Blossom.

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