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Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by mandelyn, Dec 27, 2010.

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    I felt inspired yesterday when I got my first little white egg. When I was a kid I used to blow eggs and paint them. None survived. They're... fragile. Does anyone else blow eggs and make something of them?

    I was thinking Christmas ornaments. If I start now, I might have a whole set by next Christmas. I successfully blew the egg last night leaving teeny pinprick holes. Much improved from my former stumbling child hands with giant gaping holes to rush the process. I was patient and have a perfect little egg to show for it.

    But now I don't know what to do with it besides wait on it to dry on the inside.

    What is the best paint and sealer to use on egg shells?

    Is there anything you can inject inside of them to weight them and make them more sturdy? Like plaster?

    I want to put an ornament hanger inside to make a clean appearance of the hanger coming out of the top of the egg. Is that possible? How do you affix something like that? Can I use the metal ones or is there a better method that will be sturdy and last as a keepsake?

    I have plenty of ideas for what to paint on the outside, and the brushes to make it happen. Just unsure of what kind of paint and what to spray over it to seal it, just a basic spray enamel? I don't want it to peel off or chip easily. I was thinking that attaching the hanger before spraying, and then covering the fixture in plastic so that I have full access to spray without touching it and it can dry undisturbed.

    Most curious about a "stuffing" though... they're just so fragile when they're empty.
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    Some clear fingernail polish will help them a little bit.
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    I usually use "Anita's Polyurethane - satin finish varnish" for my blown eggs as well as my wooden painted crafts to seal them up and make them water proof. You can get it at any craft store (and it can also be used for decoupage!!), and if you do not like the satin finish look, it does come in other finishes (such as glossy, matted, etc)

    As for weighting them, I am not sure, I have not tried anything. I think I would be afraid of the plaster not completely drying out before I painted and sealed the eggs, mold could occur. Part of the appeal to the blown egg ornanments (in my case anyway) is that they are so delicate and fragile. Of course I have to keep them in a safe place because Fragile and 2 little (and very energetic!) kids do NOT mix, lol!! [​IMG]
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