Blown out eggs!

Mary Of Exeter

10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
Rowan County, NC
Decided to try it for the first time today. Somehow I ended up making a Christmas tree ornament
It's a tad early...but who cares?
Yeah, that's chickens lay golden eggs



But a question to any of you who also do/have done these, what do YOU do to make them stronger? That one was a little banty egg, so pretty fragile. I'm scared to touch it much
'Fraid it might spontaneously explode, haha.

And pictures of your creations would be wonderful
I love seeing pictures of others' art. Makes for good inspiration!
I was thinking of using Plaster of Paris to fill my blown out eggs. I was planning to use them like ceramic eggs, as dummies for my nest boxes...but it could work for your project too.
I was also wondering if plaster of paris would be alright. I have some of that somewhere, so I think I may try it! I was also thinking some with sand or something else like that to use as dummy eggs. I definitely need pigeons don't understand the meaning of the END of breeding season
Beautiful egg, BTW!
I think I'm going to try the ornament thing too!

DH will be slightly annoyed, only because I will be serving only scrambled eggs for a while!

It's a tradition for me to only use homemade ornaments on my tree, this will fit in perfectly.

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