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    I thought I'd post a photo of some of my recent babies. I'm so happy with the way they've come out so far. The color of the light one is the prettiest of all the light ones I've had so far. I haven't been able to hatch many out for myself this summer, because my rooster isn't seeming very fertile and I lost my spare one. I'm trying to hatch out as many as possible now to get a replacement for dad and retire him. He's dark blue in with 10 splash girls and 2 dark blue. I've only gotten one gold laced (actually red laced) so far, but the chick in the front may be gold laced, also. It's still too young for me to tell yet.

    My goal is to get what is considered the ideal color for BLRW, which is the mid-range blue -- not dark, but not light like splash. Putting the dark blue in with the nearly white splashes will bring the color back towards the mid-range.

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