BLRW Gender? *Update with new pics*


10 Years
Sep 1, 2010
Okay here are some pictures of "her" today. My neighbors brought "her" back. I swear it tried to mount one of my hens as soon as it got in the pen...and it's feathers have me concerned. So maybe my neighbors were wrong and I'm just destined to have 7 chickens instead of 8? :) Sorry for the blurry cell pics.

The breeder is pretty sure this is a girl based on the other hatch mates, I for one have no idea and thought I would ask you experts as well. :) It is about 6-7 weeks old.

I did end up rehoming this chick to our neighbor because they have property where they could have roos. They kept her at their house here though and she is the only egg chicken in the backyard with a bunch of meaties and they are finding eggs. So not only is this one a girl she's already laying eggs. Now I'm kicking myself for getting rid of her!
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She said that this one compared to it's other hatch mates had a much smaller comb than the others. She obviously doesn't vent sex them or anything, but her best guess was pullet but so far she's been outvoted 2 to 1.
I'd guess pullet. Her comb and wattles look the same as my SLW's did at that age, then they just stopped growing. She is now 11 weeks old and her comb looks the same with no sign of pointed saddle or hackle feathers yet.

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