BLRW rooster with broken leg...need help


9 Years
Sep 30, 2010
Northern Virginia
During a bad thunderstorm approaching, DH and I were pushing chickens into the coop. He was using a cattle stick (not electric, just a stick) and he was chasing our 4 month old BLRW rooster who kept evading him in the woods. DH would whack at the trees and make noise to move him along. In the rush he accidently hit him hard in the leg and it is totally broken. Skin not open. We wanted to give him a chance seeing as how it was totally our fault that he got hurt. He is now inside in a dog crate and out of the horrid heat. We used vet wrap on the leg a couple layers for cushion, then split toungue blades for bracing, and more vet wrap to secure it. We are giving him aspirin (5 325mg tablets dissolved in 1 gallon of water) game bird starter crumbles for the extra protein. Dh is going to cook an egg for him in the morning and see if he eat will it. Does this sound like the right thing to do? Do you think he will heal ok? DH has been REALLY upset about hurting him. This happening just days after hitting and killing a deer with our car. He watched the doe if you have any encouraging words about Rusty's leg....he could use them. Thanks!
Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck, accidents happen sometimes...I've had my share. If you keep your roosters leg splinted til it heals, he should be ok. He might gimp around abit but otherwise should be just fine. I believe it should be healed in 6 weeks. You should take the vet wrap off at least once a week to make sure the skin is healthy underneath, then rewrap his leg...popsicle sticks would also work.
We woke up this morning and Rusty was eating his food (crumbles) with much enjoyment and drinking the aspirin water. Cooked him an egg and he was in hog heaven. At least he doesnt seem to be in shock.
It's gonna be a long several weeks while he recuperates. He is our favorite of 3 BLRW roosters. Very pretty markings and likes to follow us around. Super friendly. So we are hoping for his recovery. Thanks!

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