Blue Ameraucana Hatching Eggs


Chicken Atlas Farm NPIP 74-4231
5 Years
Dec 5, 2014
My Blue Ameraucana girls have finally all started laying. I have a Blue Rooster and Blue hens. However, they do carry a gene for black and sometimes splash. The last experimental hatch I did last yielded three blues and one black. Eggs are available based on what I have on hand:

1 dozen=36 pus shipping 15.00 for 51.00
I have a broody hen and want to slip eggs under her for hatching. I think her eggs are due to hatch by the end of July. Is there away to time some eggs for that?
Are you asking for eggs or ate you asking how long it takes a chick to hatch? The average hatch time is 21 to 23 days.
A friend was telling me that I could buy eggs that are very near their hatch time. I googled but didn't find a seller. I know how long they take I just want to get some Easter Evers to put under my broody hen.
True. Incubation time does not change whether it is a broody hen or an incubator.

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