Blue, black Orpington looking for breeders

I would try to find user jeremy. He has some very nice blues. Here is the link to his website
I am growing out a few B/B/S Orps and they are good looking. I have a Splash Cockerel, 2 blue Cockerels, 1 Black Pullet, and a Blue Pullet with nice lacing! They are just starting to lay and I will have eggs for sale about March or so. I have seen bulls eyes in the yolks. The hens are much larger than my hatchery BO's. Very good personalities as well. I will probably keep the Splash Roo but i am unsure. The splash is the bigger Roo out of the 3.

I have three black australorp hens. They're beautiful and they're looking for a good home. I can send you pictures. Just email me.



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