Blue/Black/Splash Silkie eggs for sale- Mississippi


12 Years
Feb 21, 2007
Grenada, MS
$25 for the 12 eggs and S & H. If I don't sell them soon I will put them in the bator but thought I would see if anyone is interested.

I just posted updated pics of some of my flock if you will do a search or you can PM or email me.



First one to post sold and paypal to:

[email protected]
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Your PM is full.
Thanks MB

Just PM me your contact info and the eggs will go out Sat morning if that is ok.

You can see pics of my birds on some of my posts and some came from Ms. Jaynie.

Your paypal was sent. I've seen some of your pics, but I'm going to look for more. You have beautiful birds. I'll PM you later today when I'm not at work!
Just as a side note, you look a lot like one of my sisters. That is too funny. I hope you get a good hatch. I have been getting great ones here, but shipped eggs are always a gamble as you know. I have had some pretty bad luck with eggs I received which were packaged perfectly. So I hope they are a good hatch. I will package them the best I can, ok. I may not be on the computer tomorrow but will let you know friday night for sure they are going out and Sat. once they are mailed.

u do have very beautiful birds. baby pics where adorable too!!
i can't wait for ur eggs to hatch i'm excited!!!

i'll let ya know when my splash/blue/calico pen starts laying. i'll have to check fertility on them cause they r all new layers. i'm excited to see what hatches from them they aught to be neat with the breed combo, no clue what they will pop out to be. in a few days when the rain is gone and it is nicer i'll try to get pics of them for ya.
One of my roos is a sizzle that I hatched from Jaynie Knights eggs. He has hard feathers that are curled (sizzle) one of my hens is a frizzled silkie (has silkie feathers) she is also from jaynies and is blue. The other roo is not from jaynies and is a reg. blue silkie and so are the rest of the hens. I don't get a lot of sizzles right now but there is always a possibility of any of them turning out to be frizzled or sizzles.

Thanks for asking.

Thanks for your sweet comments Mary, I look forward to seeing pics of your birds and hearing about your hatch from my eggs. I hope you have a good hatch.

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