Blue Columbian and Splash Columbian color project bantam EE cockerels

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    Jan 23, 2011
    I really hate to part with these two! I just don't have room to house any more birds right now. Take one or both. The shipping price is just a guess and would depend on your location. You would need to supply and/or pay for the shipping box.

    GENETICS: These two cockerels are approximately 8 weeks in age. They are bantam Easter eggers and not purebreds. Genetically, they are both silvers (maybe goldens) based on wheaton. They could be heterozygous wheaton, but they have at least one dose. They aren't a color one commonly sees in EE or Ameraucanas and would be perfect for a color breeding project if you would like to introduce the columbian gene into your flock. Their muffs and beards will continue to fill out as they mature. They are, to the best of my knowledge, heterozygous for the pea comb gene which is why they have a comb that looks more like a straight comb.

    PERSONALITY: Not only are they pretty boys who are gonna make gorgeous roos, but they have outstanding personalities. Both of these cockerels already behave like lap cats. I have not had to do anything for them to behave this way. My rooster (their father) is extremely sweet and has been since he was a chick. He routinely produces sons with sweet personalities. These are the kind of birds your kids can pick up and carry around and they actually enjoy being cuddled and petted. My rooster is sweet, but he is still a good solid rooster who takes care of his hens.

    My Flock: Birds in my flock have proven to be extremely cold hardy, experiencing no problems in an unheated coop in the upper midwest. My hens are good layers with eggs ranging in color from pink to light blue or light green. They occasionally go broody and have been good mothers.

    Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Thanks!


    Blue Columbian Cockerel



    Splash Columbian Cockerel


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