Blue-eyed chickens? RIR cross hens with blue eyes and white legs.


11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Brewton, Ala.
I was out in the yard a minute ago and noticed that several of my RIR cross hens have blue eyes. They also have white legs. Any idea what they could be crossed with? Other than those two coloration differences, they look nearly identical to my standard-looking RIRs. Maybe a little smaller...

Where did you get them at and how old are they?

Rhode Island Red's legs are yellow (some times with a tinged of dark red) and there eye color should be red...

If you could post a picture of a bird in question that would be good..

They are at least two. Traded for them at a local livestock sale. No idea what sort of parentage. Just curious. My other RIRs have the dark amber/red eyes and yellow legs.


Identical to this hen, but with blue eyes. They came from the same person.
She's not a RIR I would say she is some kind of production red...
If she was a RIR she should have more black in her tail and more even in color, yellow legs, red eyes......

Actually, your post answered your own question. The white legs could have come from a Buff Orpington or some other bird with white legs. I have seen Orpingtons with "bluish" eyes so possibly one in the breeding pen came out like that...

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