blue footed chicken


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Jun 22, 2011
Chehalis WA.
I have heard of these birds, so I looked them up. The "real" flocks is locked over in France. And we have a breeder of them in California. Are they good for "pets" or just highend resturant food. Id like to get my hands on some. Thanks for your info.
They're not Cornish X freakish birds, so, I'd imagine them as great pets, too.
I don't know about the Blue Foots, but I believe we do have what they're mimicking, which are the Bresse fowl, however the Bresse fowl in the US probably aren't the blue version.
I got a free hatchery chic from McMurry hatchery that has turned out to be a Silver Spangled Hamburg roo and he has some blue legs. I had posted this same old pic of him here on BYC to have the fine people on here tell me what he was. But his blue leg color isn't showing up that good in this pic. Wish I had a more current pic but he now has blue ears to match his legs!

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I bought about 12 at $50.00 and got 14-(2 Free) blue foot-from the French blue foot and they all eat and poop and they sting. I had them for about 5 weeks in my NYC apartment before taking them upstate to my farm. and I had clean up the coop everyday. my goodness they are so stinky.

one recently died, unable to move her legs, the Vet in NYC didn't know what to tell me but he was charging me a leg and arm for his service. poor Gladys, at least she can rest in peace now. I never seen a chicken who complaint so much. This is a picture of Little Brian Rey. I had to separated the boys from the girls, already. He is the leader of the blue Foot pack.
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I separated the males from females but I was informed the males were able to moved the cement block, the 4x3 plywood and the net. and the Hens were running for their lives. Time to put a little non viewing net.

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