Blue/green gene egg question

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Feb 23, 2015
Bancroft NE
I have EE hens and was wondering if (since I have no idea what their background genetics are) I bread them with a pure Ameraucana roo I would have chicks that were EE's that gave me blue/green eggs? I understand that if only one parent has only one gene then the chicks from them would be less likely to give you blue/green eggs?
The gene that makes blue/green eggs is dominant so it takes only one parent having it to create blue/green layers.

Breeding EE with amer roo will/should up the percentage of blue/green eggers to 100% as they are supposed to be purebreeding for that trait.
Ok thank you so much I try to make since of what I read about the gene but some of the stuff I found I think wash gibberish haha thank you for your help

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