Blue Jay v.s. 9 week old Ameraucana


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7 Years
May 8, 2012
Morgan Hill, CA (South Bay Area)
Last week, we had a blue jay try to make off with one of our chicks, which was bigger than he was. We scared him off. Today, he tried again, only this time he got the worst of it. He landed next to the biggest girl in the yard, and she pounced on him, held him down, and pecked him several times. I doubt he'll try again.
We have a few blue jays in our yard that hover over our chickens too & they're nearly full grown! I've seen them swoop on the chickens a couple of times, but nothing ever came of it. Blue jays are beautiful birds, but man are they mean! They would even dive bomb our cat when he wasn't even messing with them.
The blue jay actually had two babies in it's nest. They fell out of their nest (or learning to fly, but they don't quite have all their feathers yet) & the chickens went on the attack. We actually had to save the baby blue jays from the chickens!

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