Blue Laced Red Orpingtons?

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  1. ag29ande

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    Jan 20, 2013
    Delanson, ny
    A. Is anyone working on creating these?
    B. Without crossing to a BLRW, what would be the best way to create this project color?

    My thoughts...

    Cross a Gold Laced Cockerel to a Red Hen --> per the chicken genetics calculator the F1 (A) cross will be Black patterned red

    You would also need to

    Cross a GL cockerel over a blue hen --> the F1 cross from this will get you Blue laced (B) and black

    Cross a F1A ( Black patterned Red) from the first cross with a F1B (Blue laced) --> F2 cross will be a huge variety of genotypes and fenotypes... in the mix should be a BLR or an incomplete BLR. This would result in hatching out hundreds of the BLR looks like it would be around a 1% hatch rate

    Breed the best BLR F2 birds together for F3 and so on and so on....

    Do you think this would work? Or better ideas?
  2. bramblefir

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    Mar 11, 2014
    I would cross a Blue Laced Gold over a Red, breed the offspring from that cross together, and then select the F2 chicks for color and lacing quality.

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