Blue or Lavender?


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Jul 30, 2020
Before in a local Facebook foul group I was told these Easter Eggers were Lavender, now I'm being told they are blue. Which is it? Sorry if this is a really obvious question, but everyone is telling me different things :oops: I find people on BYC have better and more correct information. Thanks in Advance! The pictures make them look different colors but the light gray is the same, the rooster has really dark spots though (saddles, hackles, wing spots, etc..), does that mean blue? But the pullet looks more "lavendery" and the main body feathers are the same color on both. If you need better picters, or pictures of them side by side, let me know. But I won't be able to get more until tomorrow. Again, sorry if this is an obvious question.
Typical also for blue colored birds to have darker hackles. Photo of my blue birchen marans for comparison:
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Thank you so much! The thing that confused me personally was that I have two blue cochin/brahma bantams and they are much much darker than the birds in question. Both blue and lavender are deluting correct? Except lavender is only present when homozygous, and blue doesn't breed true correct? So would the blue appear much lighter on some birds than others? Am I understanding things right?

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