Blue Orps (Bamachicken) and a Blue Naked Neck


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Dec 13, 2007
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Had some new chicks hatch today thought I would post some pics. The Blue Orps are from Bamachickens eggs. I have 7 Beautiful Blue Orps and 2 that I don't know if they are going to be Black or Mottled they came from eggs marked Mottled.

Also hatched off 3 little Naked Necks 1 Blue, 1 Black and 1 Chocolate colored one.

As well as 3 Bantam Orps from my birds 2 Blacks and 1 Blue

First 2 Pics are the Orps from Bama


Naked Neck chicks

3 Bantam Orps
So happy you got a good hatch. Those are very nice looking chicks. Weather your MO chicks are mottled are black the hens and Roo are all very typey and I think you will be very pleased with the way they turn out.
Yogi, I will post more pics as the grow.

Bama, I am well pleased with my hatch and whether or not the 2 MO chicks are Mottled or Black it will be fine with me I like them both.. Will just have to try when you have more eggs to get some of the Mottles.
Cute babies! If the mottleds is from the same person who had such nice looking mottleds I saw in another thread, those are going to be very nice birds.

What's the chocolate NN going to grow up like? What were the parents?
Cute babies. I've got some of bamachicken's due next week-end.....none of the ones marked mottled developed. :-( I'll be happy if the others make it....mine had to travel farther than yours did.

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