Blue Partridge Brahma project birds 18 weeks

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    May 31, 2010
    SW Michigan
    I am looking for people to take these beautiful birds to continue this project, as I have neither the time (new baby), space, or genetic resources to continue this project on my own. I would like to give these birds to a new home in exchange for hatching eggs from the subsequent generations.

    To begin this project I mated a Dark Brahma rooster to feather legged Blue Copper Marans hens, and then mated the best comb, leg, color offspring to get what I have today.
    Which include:
    1 very beautiful Blue Partridge cockerel
    2 Blue Partridge pullets that are very beautiful but not yet complete
    1 splash Blue Partridge cockerel (looks like light brahma but with blue undertones and copper overtones
    2 splash Blue Partridge pullets (look like light brahmas but with blue undertones and copper overtones)
    1 Blue Partridge cockerel (has slate legs)
    2 Blue Brahma pullets ( should have partridge gene but have slate legs)
    1 Black Brahma pullet (has slight partridge lacing that is visible up close and slate legs)

    I would like to trade each of these birds for 2 dozen hatching eggs from future generations.
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  2. justin0009

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    Jan 22, 2013

    I would be interested in the two pullets and would in exchange give you the eggs. I currently have 5 adult regular partridge brahmas that I have been breeding and I get a 90% hatch rate. I would like to get the blue lacing going. Please let me know if you would be interested. My number is 812-621-0009. I would be willing to travel to pick them up. I am located in Indiana.

    Thank You

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