Blue Silkie Roo SQ (probably not) BQ or PQ?


9 Years
May 1, 2010
Oldham County, Kentucky
This blue roo just started crowing. I figured it was time to snap some pics and ask for an experienced opinion.

I'm pretty sure he is not SQ.... of course I dunno.
The not so "show standard" qualities that my inexperienced eye sees......
1. He started growing visable red wattles.
2. He is shaped kind of like a miniture emu rather than a nice heart shaped silkie rooster (do they grow out of that look).
3. His comb is a little bigger than I would like to see.

His nicer features:
1. Lots of fluff on a roo his age
2. Amazing Foot Feathering!!
3. Color is pretty true, despite some of the pics he does NOT have any red tones leaking through

So my question to those more experienced...... Would you keep a rooster like this for a Blue/Splash breeding pen? or sell him as PQ?






how old is he ? silkies take a longtime to fully fill out. as long as he doesn't have any DQs I would hang on to him and see how he grows out. I have seen alot of birds go through weird awkward stages
and turn out really nice
He is approximately 7-8 months old.

He has so many nice features..... his wattles and emu shape are throwing me though. I guess I'm trying to figure out if his nicer features are worthy of him graduating into a Blue/Splash breeding pen.
I'm really hung on this one

Thanks for your opinions!

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