Blue Slate Hen not doing good


10 Years
Dec 26, 2009
Willow Alaska
This is a blue slate then a little more than a year old. Her eyes have been looking really swollen and rhuemy. I've given her Tylan IM and vit b. I've also rubbed her head with VetRX, that's what has caused the little black spots, it's dirt adhering to the oil. Her lungs sound clear, and she has no nasal discharge. She's not looking right, kind of has her feathers poofed out, and she's not as active as usual. any ideas on what may be wrong with my girl?


Droppings look normal, I saw her poop yesterday. I've got a chain link fence and she's constantly sticking her head through it, could that irritate her face? Also yesterday I found something in the corner of her eye, it looked like a worm on the end, but was like a small piece of corn when I smashed it. It was NOT moving nor did it look alive, but it made me wonder.
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YES too much mud. It's getting cold, but not cold enough, it's been down to freezing but has still rained at night. Here in AK it's going to be muddy till it freezes and dries out. We had a record amount of rain this summer, it rained for more than 40 days out here. They have a nice coop to go in, but they won't and last week I put up a covered roost for them, they won't use it. There are chickens on the other side of the fence. I started on the Tylan yesterday and today she actually looked better. I'll do it for 7 days and see what happens.
Regarding the mud, are you able to raise the level in the pen with sand, dry earth or wood shavings to get the level above the water?

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