Blue's first egg!

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    I can't believe my little Blue laid her first egg today!

    When I got home and went to check on them and collect my older pullet, Sunshine's egg Blue followed me in and hopped into her nest to show me that she'd laid one too! She made a deep nest and laid a big white egg! Poor little girl wasn't ready for the size of this thing, it had some blood on it. My mom told me she made a lot of noise laying it :(. I gave her a big hug for her great work!

    [​IMG] This is Blue's egg compared to my slightly older chicken, Sunshine's. Sunshine is in her second week of laying, and Blue's first is much bigger! Proud of them both though!

    [​IMG] This is Blue's egg compared to a storebought! Won't be nedding those anymore! :p

    I can't believe my little girl laid such a BIG egg!


    It is now declared that on October 10, 2014 the 21 week old Bue Andalusian hen, Blue layed her first egg! We're so proud!
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    Congratulations…She deserves extra treats![​IMG]
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    Way to go Blue! Keep up the good work!

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