bob whites are due today questions *picture!!*


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Apr 20, 2009
andalusia alabama
they are due to hatch i candled them they are devoloped, but no pips yet. i hope they hatch.

whats the longest i should leave them in if they dont hatch today?

can they eat starter feed?

how long does quail eggs keep until they won hatch?

Is it normal for me to not have pips yet?

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What day are you on? Bobwhites take 23-24 days to hatch. If temps/humidity were proper, I would say patience will be your friend. Our bobwhites are very fast hatchers. One minute, there is no pip and the next thing you know they're babies everywhere. Keep the bator closed and find something to keep you busy. Good luck with your hatch.
I'm in the same boat. I have Coturnix in the bator & day 14 was Wednesday. I don't know when to call it quits though. The whloe egg is black except for the air cell so I hope they didn't make it this far & quit.

Good luck on your hatch.
This year it seams that we have had to wait an extra day or even 2 to get our BW's out, don't know why hope you have better luck on your next hatch...

we have had a very wet year with high highs and low lows here in illinois and from what i have seen hatching has been a crapshoot for the most part......
I would wait at least 3 days before calling it quits. If the temps weren't just right it will make them hatch later.

kingmt~~Coturnix don't even start hatching until at least day 15, but can go as long as day 21. I would wait till Monday at least before tossing any eggs, they are tough little guys!!

Both~~Just make sure your hatcher temp is at least 65% and you should have babies soon!

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