Bobcat in the neighborhood


10 Years
Sep 2, 2009
saint augustine florida
My next door neighbor called last afternoon and said he had spotted a bobcat standing next to his coop harassing his hens, of course they were making enough noise and that's why he had a look, he went inside, grabbed his shotgun and by the time he got back out there the cat was gone....
Guess I'll have to keep my ladies in the coop in the afternoons now....bobcat in the daytime=female with litter....voracious hunters to feed the babies.....but they won't be eating chickens, at least not mine...
Had one take a goose the other day, about 5 in the evening. Thought it was strange, figured it was either a mom with cubs or a cub just turned loose from it's mom.

THEN, on the way home from school, there was a dead one in the road about 7 miles from the house. I hoped it was the one that attacked the goose, but I've read they usually only have an average of a mile range territory.

I have NEVER EVER seen a bobcat around these parts, I knew that they lived in the surrounding areas, but never seen one dead or alive. THen in the last week I saw one roadkill and one that attacked my goose. Husband is being a stubborn mule and won't drop 100 bucks on a trap to catch it. He'd rather just shoot it, BUT he's not willing to sit out day and night waiting for it.
Well, where there is one there are usually more....and that's the female+one male=4-6 babies.....that's 8, then when the kits mature, they move off and there goes the neighborhood.
We walk our dog in an area of about 20 acres of woods across the road from our house and have seen numerous scrapes for poop and rakes on the trees. I usually try and mark my yard as often as possible and will save urine in a jug and pour that along the fence far so good....but leaving the girls out is a sure way to lose them.

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