Bobcat problem-is it one or two

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  1. ABS9590

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    Feb 18, 2016
    Is this an older kitten? This morning my goslings were murdered by one with fluffy white ear tufts, but this one seems slightly smaller and the ear tufts aren't fluffy. Could it be my imagination? What are the odds of there being two bobcats brazen enough to come right up to my house during broad daylight? It's been an ongoing problem and it would be great if I could trap and relocate to a sanctuary, but if there are two that will make the other more wary. It (or possibly they?) Has walked right past my LGD's, taken out an entire flock of ducks ( in 4 ft. Fencing), taken an entire flock of silkies who were closed in a small wood house (2 during the day while people and dogs were outdoors, climbed into my chick brooder (right beside my house) and eaten 8 silkies and Ameraucana mixes, and I'm reasonably certain it or one of them is responsible for the mysterious disappearance of my favorite peacock.
    What can I used to bait the live trap that it will find appealing? Tonight it's baited with gosling remains (rip babies) and peacock feathers, but I've also tried pork, chicken, cat food, turkey, and a burrito with no luck
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    Looks like a youngster. Very possible there are two. Mom may have gotten killed, or kicked them out.

    Good luck with the fight. I wouldn't live trap and release. Dispatch the critter.
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    I have used some old chicken we had processed and some canned dog food. I left the traps open for a few days and let the predator take the bait then I set it and caught the predator, in this case a fox. I set leg traps when I had a bobcat kill several birds.
    I have posted these pictures before on other threads. I agree that if you catch you must dispatch.
    DSCF0012 22.jpg DSCF0009 21.jpg
  4. Mybackyardpeepers

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    Mar 22, 2019
    As long they know there is a food source, they will be back! I agree it's a juvenile.
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    Mama teaching it to hunt.
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    I’d be surprised if you’ll get a bobcat in a standard cage style trap... maybe the young one...

    There are specific cage traps for bobcats, they’re typically taller and pretty pricey.

    I don’t understand this though:

    “...It (or possibly they?) Has walked right past my LGD's,...”

    Is the dog fenced in so that the cat can get by?
  7. ABS9590

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    Feb 18, 2016
    Yes. They tried to take out a neighbor's dog and being penned is keeping them from getting shot, but also keeping them from doing their jobs.
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