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  1. Hello all BYC' ers. I lost a polish pullet on Monday and I do believe it was a bobcat. We have a six foot chain link fence but the cat must of climbed over. I chased off a bobcat about a month ago near the spot the chicken was taken. I assume she was taken there because there were some feathers on the ground and a paw print on top of the 4by4 post next to the chain link. This happened in the morning I think around 8 maybe. The polish had a habit of flying over the fence of her run so that is how she got out. We do let them free range in our backyard also but not until later in the day. This is my second loss, in a years time and I think the first one was from the same cat because it was during the day also.

    My question is...our local feed store rents large animal traps for 45 a week. Has anyone had any luck trapping these bobcats? Should I buy a trap or just rent one? The heavy duty trap sells for about 225.00. I want the bobcat gone... I dont think we could shoot it because we would have to sit out all day to try and see it come up from the woods.
    Thanks for any and all help here...
  2. Good luck with this problem ! We have foxes here that have wiped out one complete flock, most of another one and got 8 of mine. No more free ranging here [​IMG]

    I will be watching this thread looking for advice.
    Shooting is not an option here, either.
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    I just came here tonight looking for info about bobcats because I chased one off that killed one of my Roos today.

    Last year, One of my neighbors was unsuccessful trapping a bobcat that was stalking his small dog, but did manage to shoot it eventually.

    I'm thinking of adding some barbed wire to the top of my 6' fence.

    I hope you find a solution!
  4. Hi Champer,so very sorry about your roo.That is really sad. I am also going to add barbed wire. I am going to get the extenders tomorrow. I am thinking of electricfying the fence too. I was told it doesnt work well if the ground isnt kept wet. Anyone else know about making a chain link fence electric?
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    If it is cats or coons(or any type of critter) crawling over the fence, a single strand of electric fence wire mounted on stand-offs 6" out from the top of the chain link will do the job quite effectively.
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  6. Barbed wire is useless against bobcats unless it is a twenty foot high tangle of military grade barbed wire that a snake couldn't wiggle through. A few strands of electric fence or even electrified barbed wire will give your chickens better protection.

    In dry areas the effectiveness of an electric fence can be greatly improved by using 3 ten foot long ground rods and spacing them at least 10 feet apart and driving them 9 feet deep. The use of ground wires alternating with hot wires in the fence itself also helps to deliver the shock of a lifetime to any chicken predators that tries to clime over, under, around, or through your fence.
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    True story. It's all about the ground when it comes to electric fence.
  8. Hi chickengeorgeto,
    That sounds like what I have to do. Where can I get the info on how to do that? I dont really understand how to do the wiring. Do I put it on top or bottom of the chain link fence, or both? I haven't bought the barbed wire yet, just the extensions. I now wish I hadn't bought those because they were pricey. Thanks for taking the time to reply. My chickens thank you also! They are my pets with benefits.[​IMG] I have no sympathy for the bobcat, there is plenty of other food around here to eat. That kitty needs to be taught a lesson.[​IMG]
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    Good fencing is the key. I would never promote shooting or trapping of any animal. You may think you have the right to, but we are all creatures of this Earth simply doing what we were programmed to do (the bobcat getting a meal).

    I also promote the idea of dogs on the property for predator defense. I honestly don't know of anyone in my area that has chickens without an electric fence and/or a dog on the property at all times. Dogs can easily be trained from puppies to not touch the chickens.
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    I have every kind of pest imaginable and even whilst building my coop I ALREADY have a coon visiting, I don't even have chickens out yet!!! Oi, but bobcats are what scare me, there's a creek about 30 yards from my coop/backyard so we shall see I'm critter visit central with the only water hole in the area. Good news im building Ft. Knox over here!!! Good luck!

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