Bobwhite quail developement question

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Jun 25, 2009
Northern Utah
I went out to the hutch this morning and our 2 little bobwhite quail were both dead next to eachother in the nesting box. They were in with 3 Coturnix who were only a week older, all of which we totally fine.

Am I missing something developementally with the bobwhites? Of course they took longer to incubate and were smaller overall, but do they develope slower than other quail? Their bodies were completely feathered and their heads not quite.

I was completely shocked since there isn't even frost yet but I know it must've been the temps. The coturnix don't even sleep inside the closed side of the hutch so it's easily warm enough for them a night.

Any thoughts or experience with this?

RIP Max and Monty our dear little pets. These were my 4 yr old son's quail and we've been over the 'Rainbow Bridge' 3 times today.
Thanks for any input.
I know that the death is because of the cold and I know it's my fault. I'm really wondering how the heat requirements work for Bobwhites versus other quail. This is what will make the difference for me in the future.

You know how with chicken chicks it goes down 5 degrees a week until the temp matches the oustide temp? Is this the same with quail? Can bobwhite and Coturnix have the same temp treatment or are their specific needs based on the breeds?

Technically Bobs Dont Grow Slower Than Other Quail--- Coturnix Grow Much Faster Than Other Quail.... In Comparison The Coturnix Will Be Fully Grown And Have Been Laying Eggs Many Weeks Before The Same Age Bobs Are Even Close To Full Size.

And Bobs Are Very Susceptible To Cold--- Way More So Than Coturnix
Thank you so much for the info. I'm in PA so even though it's eventually pretty cold it's nowhere near the kind of cold in the central states. My friend with Coturnix runs a light to her cages in winter and that is enough.

I've gone ahead and ordered Tx A&M Coturnix eggs instead of hatching more white bobwhites. As the day has progressed it turns out that I'm more upset about it all than my son.

Another lesson learned in my poultry endevors.
Thanks again. I think that Coturnix are the quail for me.
Make No Mistake--- 1/2 Grown And Up Can Tolerate Cold/ Snow As Good Or Better Than Other Quail--- Just Way More Susceptible During The Early Ages...

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