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    Sep 14, 2011
    I currently have a male bobwhite quail in need of a good home in the Charlotte, NC area. He is full grown, however, I do not know his exact age. He is comfortable around humans, but does not enjoy being touched or picked up. He greets me with a call when I come home or feed him. He was captive bred on a quail farm, and was purchased to be used for food, but I was able to persuade the person not to kill him- but I ended up with him instead. I've tried to find him a good home with people that I know, but no one seems able to take him. I would love to keep him, however, I live in an apartment, and even though I have him in a very spacious cage, I feel he would be much happier living outside and with other quail, as they are social creatures. I would only give him to someone with prior experience with quail and/or chickens, who either currently keeps quail, or would be willing to acquire a few more to keep him company, and would keep him as a pet only- not to ever be used for food. Is there anyone in North Carolina who would be willing to add this little guy to their flock?
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