Bock bock, here we go, hatch batch #3


The Chickeneer
9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
El Dorado County, California
I went over to Linda's (gryeyes) house the other day, and her nests were full of lovely fertile eggs & she told me to help myself to a few. So I did... only a few (hey, it's HER fault for leaving them there for me to find LOL). We got the bator fired up & stabilized yesterday & set the batch this morning. We set 32 eggs in the Reptipro plus 10 more in our brand-new homemade incubator that we set up the other day.

Yep, 42 "Mystery Chicks". No idea who the mommies are, no idea who the daddies are (she has a mixed and varied flock), just gonna hatch 'em out and see what we get.

If anyone in the Sacramento area is going to be in need of chicks in about, say, 3 weeks, come see me. hehehe.

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