Boiled eggs

Idk, sounds like I need to have my kids do an experiment for school.

I do remember that I gave my mom some eggs that were about a week old and she said they were really hard to peel. So I guess older than that.
Eggs that are 7 to 10 days old will peel better especially if you ad some salt to the boiling water.

Also washing a dozen and letting them sit in the fridge helps because the egg becomes porous, absorbs more air, and releases some of its carbon dioxide. This makes the albumen more acidic, causing it to stick to the inner membrane less. The egg white also shrinks slightly, so the air space between the eggshell and the membrane grows larger, resulting in boiled eggs that are easier to peel.

There are other tricks as well that will do the same thing.....
On top of all that, I don't boil, but steam. Eggs in a colander down into my pot, lid over 12 minutes steaming, then I lightly crack the egg, just enough to break the membrane, on the counter before I put it in a bowl of salted ice water. The quick cool down draws water into the eggshell between the meat and the membrane. I let them cool for five minutes or so, the roll and peel.

They shell so much easier!

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