Bood Ring??

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  1. CayleeMarie03

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    May 12, 2012
    Okay i have 2 eggs that i think might have blood rings but i can't tell if it is or not. One has a thin red ring the goes all the way around the egg, but the other goes almost all the way then just goes back down to the air sack and they don't connect, so i don't know whether to get rid of it or not, it just doesn't look like the veining in the other eggs, this is my 3rd incubation and I have never had a blood ring. Ohhh!!! I tried to take pics but you just couldn't see anything.

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    What day are you on? I would be tempted to let them go a little longer. It should soon become apparent whether or not they are keeping up to the other developing eggs.
  3. CayleeMarie03

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    May 12, 2012
    I am on day 8ish
  4. The one with a full ring is dead and you can keep the other one in their if you want to but it might be dead it is what I call the ring of death.
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    A solid ring around the middle with no shadow above or below is a dead egg. Viable eggs sometimes have a thin ring around the top of a shadow where the blood vessels are. Maybe this is what you're seeing? I always tell myself when in doubt, leave it in the bator.

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    My Coop below is a paste from my notes in the article....there are some great links to a ton of more pics on good and bad egg candling...

    Day 11 candle funky air cells from shipped eggs.
    BLOOD RINGS clearly visible on light polish eggs


    Saddle Shaped Air cell, where it dips on two sides
    BLOOD RINGS clearly visible on light polish eggs


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