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Jun 15, 2018
Vancouver, WA
So I mentioned earlier in the thread that I was looking for another Border Collie. I decided to buy an adult dog instead of a puppy for a few reasons: 1. I am learning to run a sheepdog at a trial and I was told by several smart people that one of the best ways to learn was to get a dog who was trained by a knowledgeable person so at least one of you know what you are doing :D 2. I recently have babysat a friends puppy several times and was reminded how much work a puppy is, and decided that an adult dog is easier and 3. I wanted a dog with a good temperament, good working instinct and a healthy body and sometimes puppies are a bit of a crap shoot. By getting an adult dog I know the adult temperment, herding ability and its health and structure (ie hips and elbows).

So, last week we welcomed Jolene into our home and we are thrilled with her. Shes learning to be a house dog very quickly, shes very sweet and agreeable and is respectful to my boys (who have low tolerance for obnoxious pushy dogs) and shes got some mad sheep herding skills. She's an imported dog from Ireland who was trained by an expert trainer. Shes tiny! 27 lbs, but shes all business on stock.
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Shes settled in amazingly in the week shes been here, already learning the routines. To keep it chicken related, she really loves to put the birds away every night.
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