bottle baby


10 Years
May 9, 2009
how many time a days MUST a baby goat be fed?the reason for the questionis: I have the oppertunity to get 2 does that are bred 1 of which has a bad utter(his wife raised last years babies on a bottle) and the other is a first timer and i have no idea what to expect from her.
I prefer to bottle feed smaller amounts 3 times a day, but usually I bottle feed 2 times a day.

Congratulations on the kids if you decide to get them. They are sooooo cute and fun to watch.
I have 4 right now that are almost 2 months old. They are eating hay and grain besides their bottles.

d1--you're gonna be in trouble if we don't see any pictures!!!
I feed newborns 5 times a day, for atleast the first week (but usually atleast 2 weeks), then they are on 4 a day til they are atleast 8 weeks, when they can be moved down to 3. And I'd never wean bottle babies before 10 weeks (I wean dam raised sale kids 10-12 weeks, as early as 8 weeks if it's a buck (and acting that way), longer if it's a keeper doe), generally my bottle babies are on the bottle til they start acting ready to wean, which can be 12 weeks on, but generally by 4 months. It won't hurt them to start weaning at 10 weeks, that's just how I do it.

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