Bourbon Red - What do I need to know?


12 Years
Feb 5, 2011
Southwest Indiana
I am going to pick up 5 Bourbon Red poults tomorrow (5 days old today). This will be my first ever experience with turkeys. What do I need to know?
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You need to know that you are very lucky for having bourbon reds.I searched all over the darn place and I cant find a single one!Only BBB's
I don't know much about their background unfortunately. I found them on craigslist and will have to drive 2 hours to go pick them up. The seller says they are pure Bourbon Red...he also has had some mixed turkeys for sale. I don't know much about the hatchery vs. breeder bird as big of a deal with turkeys?
If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for them? I have been hatching BR poults all spring and DH is now putting his foot down and making me list some on craiglist...
I always knew the day would come, but they're so darn cute!
I guess the big hatchery(s) had trouble with BR's this year. Wierd.
I got two bourbon reds in a hatchery surprise this morning, they so far seem a lot more inquisitive than my naragansetts, bbw's, and bbb's.

As for the main reason I am posting, did you grow the pumpkin in your avatar? I am trying to grow 4 atlantic dill's but I am lost on what I need to do to get a big one, I'll be happy with just a bigger than usual size actually. Any tips?
I have one RB who follows me everywhere like a dog, and we got two more yesterday to keep her company. They're the only kind of turkey I've had but I'm totally in love, their personalities are great! That being said, I have read on her that RB's are more inquisitive and imprint easily, which is true for mine. I gave mine some cat toys which actually helps their constant peeping. Enjoy!!

Alexander I got mine at two different feed stores that both got theirs from Cackle Hatchery. Don't know how you feel about hatcheries but they still have some.

I also got mine for $10

It's also veryyyyy important to post pics of RB's. It helps them a lot...
They were asking $9 each. I am buying 8, so I asked if I could get them for $8 each and he agreed. I did find out that he got his turkeys from McMurray last these are just hatchery turkeys....they'll work for now. Next year I may try to find some breeder birds.

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